The Surgeon's Wife by William H. Coles

ANew Orleans aristocrat and doctor, Clayton Otherson, is an aging national leader in the field of trauma surgery who begins to injure patients with his unacceptable technical and judgmental mistakes. Otherson’s younger partner, Mike Boudreaux, whom he trained and mentored, must discipline him. Otherson resents constrains and criticisms and denies his impairment. Boudreaux complicates his management by falling in love with Otherson’s beautiful wife, Catherine. Otherson’s wrath threatens violence as Boudreaux and Catherine shape their love struggling for respect in the contempt of New Orleans’ society.

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Human nature has always been fascinating to me. What makes people do the things that they do? This is the type of issue that William H. Coles explores in his book The Surgeon's Wife.

Clayton Otherson is a surgeon in New Orleans who mainly does bariatric surgery. He's been making a few mistakes lately, though, forcing Mike Boudreaux to act in his capacity as Chief of Service. Dr. Otherson is a very prominent surgeon who is a forerunner in obesity surgery; he also taught and mentored Dr. Boudreaux. That makes it hard for Mike to make any decisions that might jeopardize Dr. Otherson's career. Then there is Catherine, Clayton's wife. Catherine has always been a strong woman and very active in the community. Now, though, Clayton seems to be coming unglued, and Catherine is unhappy in her marriage. Will Mike make the hard decision that ends Clayton's career? How will Clayton react if the only thing he has ever known is taken away from him? Will Catherine stick it out in her marriage for better times? Or will she walk away?

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Review from OnlineBookClub.org
Reading this book will treat the unanswered questions. Will Mike deviate from his ethics to save his mentor and friend? Will Clayton lose his license? Can Mike find true love? Are surgeons capable of love? Will Clayton have a chance at redemption? Will Clayton’s family survive the storm?
The Surgeon’s Wife is a book with a good story line and detailed characters. Even though the book is only 182 pages it never lacked any details. The book has no explicit content and little graphic violence which makes it very appropriate for younger teens up through adults. The book is not meant for lovers of action, adventure, and fantasy but its story line is that which will be enjoyed by all. The book is highly recommended to romance and fiction lovers.

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Review from centfie

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The Surgeon’s Wife is one of those gripping tales that are hard to put down. I think many readers will be compelled to read it from the beginning to the end. The story is moving and entertaining. The author explores themes of tragedy, dilemma, broken families, work, social class, gender, suicide, ethical issues in medical practice, and love among others. I was remarkably moved by the shattered lives of the characters and the way some managed to handle their problems while others lost their mind.
The Surgeon’s Wife elicits a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. It is a deftly written novel that immerses the reader into controversial issues in the lives of the rich and the poor. William’s seems to remind readers that, no matter the different backgrounds we are born in, we have similar human experiences. Consider Michael’s sentiments as portrayed on page 7: “He couldn’t help being born poor. It would make more sense, and irritate him less if these aristocrats turned him away because his breath reeked.”
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There were a lot of things that I really liked about Coles’ writing style. Although this novel was a lot shorter than one might have expected, its language was succinct instead of entirely lacking. The author provides the reader with the details needed to further the plot and no more, ensuring that the novel has little to no unnecessary scenes. Also, the characters were excellently written. Even minor characters were interesting and detailed, providing really engaging and useful dialogue. The plot was great, moving at a pace that was neither too slow nor too fast. Furthermore, despite my initial doubts, the style and tone of the narration ensured that the subject matter became extremely interesting to me over the course of the story. In fact, I read this book in one sitting because of my level of interest rather than its short length.
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This story was surprisingly not at all what I thought it would be. I expected a thin plot with a racy affair and a predictable antagonist. This was not at all the case. The plot was deep and the characters well-developed. There are many characters in this book, all with their own stories being told simultaneously. While one would think that sounds confusing, this author expertly weaves the characters stories together leaving no rock unturned.
I would rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars. It was thoroughly intriguing and engaging. I read every moment I had to read. I did not see the end coming at all which pleased me and left me feeling satisfied at the end. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good suspenseful story. Even my mystery/thriller friends might enjoy this one as only a slight change of pace. I know I did.
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Review from Bukari

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Mike Boudreaux is a respected New Orleans surgeon and is also the chief of surgery. Clayton Otherson is his friend and mentor. Clayton Otherson is one of the surgeons who help in the delivery of quality healthcare to his clients. Otherson performs life-threating operations on obese patients. He is the kind of surgeon who does not accept criticisms from his colleague surgeons. Therefore the chief of surgery together with the other members called Otherson to advise him, but he does not take their advice. Mike complicates the situation by falling in love with the wife of Clayton.
The book is very inspiring to read and follow without stopping. The characters and chapters are properly fixed that drive the reader to concentrate on the book. The story too is very intriguing to me when I observed it was about a group of surgeons and the welfare of their clients. It was clear to me because I know the author is a surgeon.

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Review from kislany on OnlineBookclub.org

The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles is a dramatic tale of two surgeons caught up in a maelstrom of friendship, deceit and grave mistakes.

I picked up this book because I love medical mysteries and thrillers. For a while, I even had flashbacks of reading one of Robin Cook’s older books involving malpractice, the death of patients, and a deadly mystery surrounding the hospital. Yet, The Surgeon’s Wife is more a dark drama involving a decaying friendship and a romantic triangle, with some well-fleshed out characters that we learn to care about quite early in the book. Mike is an honest guy who wants to do right by everybody. But he can’t make everyone happy; someone’s got to lose. Catherine is a complex character who is enjoying the upper lifestyle her husband’s wealth and status offer her. Still, Catherine is not merely a spoiled trophy wife; she has a mind of her own and her own accomplishments as well. Those, however, are buried under a veil of sexism by her husband’s peers. Even though she has done much for the establishment, Catherine will always remain the “Surgeon’s Wife” for everyone else.
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Human nature has always been fascinating to me. What makes people do the things that they do? This is the type of issue that William H. Coles explores in his book The Surgeon’s Wife.

Though this book is not full of action, it does have violence and turmoil. The themes are dark and confusing as is much of humanity. Yet, the author treats this darkness in a way that doesn’t have you walking away depressed. (I find that this is often the case after I watch an episode of Law and Order: SVU.) I appreciate that, as so many times when discussing human nature, it’s easy to feel hopeless. Mr. Coles, though, manages to find the pinpoints of light in the darkness and bring those to the forefront.

I very much enjoyed reading The Surgeon’s Wife. I found only 2 errors in the whole book, leading me to believe that it was professionally edited. That coupled with the wonderful character development leaves me with no choice but to rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I’ve always said that any genre of book can be enjoyable as long as there is good character development even if it isn’t your preferred genre. William H. Coles proves that over and over in his works.
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D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Set against the backdrop of New Orleans society and its medical community, The Surgeon’s Wife is the story of two physicians: one an aging aristocrat and surgeon, Clayton Otherson, who begins to injure patients as his skills and mental abilities decline; the other younger partner Mike Boudreaux, who is placed in the bad position of having to point out these errors and discipline his own mentor.

One doesn’t expect romance to further complicate a professional relationship already standing on shaky ground; but when Mike falls in love with Clayton’s young, beautiful wife, the trouble between them threatens to spill over into the personal and professional lives of everyone involved.


Review by Ann Neville for Reader’s Favorites

The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles follows Clayton Otherson, a senior surgeon, as he makes life-threatening mistakes during Bariatric surgery in a New Orleans’ hospital. Mike Boudreaux, the chief of surgery, must discipline Otherson, his partner, colleague, mentor and friend. Even though Mike knows he must take action, he feels conflicted because he owes his education and his career success to Otherson. But when a patient dies from post-operative complications, there is no option but suspension. Otherson turns angry and vindictive, especially when his wife, Catherine, turns to Mike for help and support. Otherson is consumed with revenge and threatens violence. The consequences of the psychological and emotional effects on Catherine and Otherson’s marriage, on their daughter, Mellissa, and on Mike are dramatic and disastrous. Continue…

Review by Viga Boland

In William H. Coles’ novel, The Surgeon’s Wife, Catherine is the lovely but neglected and unappreciated wife of the lauded Dr. Otherson. When Dr. Otherson, a specialist in bariatric surgery, comes under fire for both his procedural competence, and his true motivation for performing surgery on patients only mildly obese, his world and his marriage to Catherine start to fall apart. Unfortunately for her, she finds solace and love in the arms of Michael, once Otherson’s student, but now his superior. What follows for Catherine and her daughter Melissa is heartache, chaos and, ultimately, violence, while Michael battles with his loyalty to his mentor, his duty to those patients who have put their trust in Otherson’s skills, and his love for Catherine.