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One great aspect of this book is that it manages to keep the reader in suspense, I read on expecting some things to happen but I was shocked when things turned out differently from what I expected. The story has a blend of different and interesting characters, some who are quite relatable. The conversations also helped in the character development. I loved the two teen characters (Helen and Mellissa) in their carefree spirits; I could never predict what they could do next. The romance in the book is engaging and the twists and turns made me not want the story to end. Apart from the medical jargon, the book is written in simple language which is easy to understand and can be read by a younger audience. Although there were a few obscene words in the story, the book is worth reading.
I did not come across any editorial errors and so I believe the book was professionally edited. I personally loved and enjoyed reading The Surgeon’s Wife. I would recommend the book to all those who love romance and suspenseful books. The book can also be interesting to surgeons. I rate this book a 4 out of 4 star rating.
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