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I would give this novel a 4 out of 4 stars. I thought it was a great length; the story was thoroughly presented without too much verbiage. My favorite aspect of the novel was the relatable moral and ethical healthcare dilemmas that Dr. Boudreaux found himself facing. As a nurse, I have witnessed and debated these ethical issues firsthand and can relate to how he struggles to do what is ethically right for the patients. I also enjoyed the banter and dialogue between the surgeons in their meetings. Again, I have witnessed these interactions between healthcare specialties firsthand and I found the dialogue in the novel very humorous. For example, while debating the next steps for Dr. Otherson’s restrictions, the surgeons demean each other’s specialty, and the dentist seemed to take the brunt of the slurs. I also thought that the novel’s ending was quite a surprise. Guessing what was going to happen next kept me turning the pages until I completed the whole novel in one sitting. The added drama with Catherine and Dr. Boudreax’s affair accessorized what could have been a very dull story of two colleagues disagreeing about the best way to practice medicine. I really like that this novel was written by a surgeon; it offers a unique insight into his perspectives on healthcare and helped give an accurate description of surgical procedures.
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