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Reading the synopsis of the novel makes it seem as if the plot is completely predictable. This is certainly not the case. Although I could pick up a couple of common tropes and clichés while reading, the way that Coles went about them was in unexpected and mysterious ways. The funeral scene in particular was the most unexpected for me, and I was truly shocked to see how it played out. Coles’ matter-of-fact writing style paired with the events of the plot worked strangely well together. It made the unexpected events that much more surprising because there isn’t a lot of obvious buildup that some amateur authors fall prone to.
In all, The Surgeon’s Wife is a quick read that doesn’t seem to fall short in any area. The plot is interesting, the characters are diverse and complex, and Coles’s writing style is the perfect vessel for this story to be told. Not only is it a conflict between two old friends, but a love story between two people that put off a meaningful and loving relationship for most of their lives. The end, although it was sudden, didn’t leave me hanging, but instead closed off the narrative in a great way. Although there could definitely be a sequel, possibly surrounding Clayton’s spiral into madness, it doesn’t feel necessary. I give The Surgeon’s Wife by William H. Coles 4 out of 4 stars.
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