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I genuinely enjoyed reading this book, right from the beginning to the end. William’s writing was very clear and simple which amazed me. The story was not only emotional but also catchy. I could not afford to take a break for any reason, not even sipping water. The urge to know what happened next consumed me continually as I carefully navigated through the book.
The ending was never predictable. This was the most impressive thing about this book. Each chapter brought out a unique experience. Everyone wants a happy ending story, despite this, the author was able to deliver a compelling and satisfying story with a saddening end. Though the story is a fiction, the narrator, made it more realistic. Truly, dreams may not always come true.
This book was completely satisfactory. I can not pinpoint any reason to dislike any part of it. I recommend anyone with a passion for romance stories to obtain a copy of this book. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I would love to read more from William Coles. His creativity is absolutely incredible. As a lover of fantasy, I encourage him to write more stories with emotional happy endings.
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