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The theme of the book, which has already been told so many times, would be one of many if there aren’t so many layers with the very serious topics that distinguish this story from the others. One of these topics which frequently appear in the book, and again in several variants and with different effects, is the lack of parental understanding and support. On the other hand, we have a moral dilemma whether to stand aside someone who guided you in your career, although it is obvious that the consequences of this can be catastrophic or to do the right thing, and in that way betray someone who helped you be where you are. And whatever you decide, can you foresee all the consequences of your decision? Also, there are questions: how far the bruised ego can go in its selfishness? Seeing the past in a different way? Twisting the truth to fit the current view of life events? Furthermore, I would like to highlight the topic that the author described here concerning the increase in profits in medicine, regardless of whether it will harm the health of patients.
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